How to style hair of average length

How to style hair of average length

Hair of average length are hairstyle, tips of hair at which can, is at the level from lobes of ears to shoulders. Hairstyles, tips of hair at which are higher than this level, are called short, below it - long.

To owners of hair of average length it is possible just to create easily and lot of hairstyles and laying. The easiest and fast way to style beautifully hair is to use the hair dryer and means for laying (foam). So, hair it is necessary to wash up, allow them to dry up slightly in the natural way, then to apply on them a little foam and to distribute on hair. Further it is necessary to extend a little by means of hairbrush hair in the necessary direction, for example, to comb back and in the same time to direct stream of warm air to hairbrush.

Quite easily it is also just possible to style hair by means of the hair dryer and round hairbrush. This way suits those young ladies who wish to give to hair more than the volume visually. It is necessary to wash up and dry up hair (it is possible to allow them to dry in the natural way), further to apply on them skin, to divide into several parts. Each lock needs to be wound slightly by means of brush at roots, then to accurately extend lock to the tips of hair. At this time it is necessary to direct stream of warm air to brush. In this case laying should beginning to be done from nape.

Quite interesting laying turns out with use of the curling iron. Previously hair need to be washed, completely to dry up, then to make hair parting and to apply on hair means for thermolaying. To accurately take lock behind lock, to wind them on the curling iron, to leave for several seconds. After all hair have appearance of elastic curls, it is possible to fix hairstyle by varnish. In this case it is possible to give to splendor hairstyle by raspravleniye of curls hands.

Recently laying in the form of accurate lines, that is the hairstyles having smooth equal hair became very fashionable. For such laying are used the rectifier for hair. To make such laying, hair need to be washed, dried up, put not them means for hot laying and accurately lock behind lock to straighten hair. To give to hair small radical volume, it is necessary to apply a little skin on roots of hair and to slightly raise hair hands.

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