How to style hair the hair dryer and brush

How to style hair the hair dryer and brush

Each girl dreams of voluminous, shiny, supple hair. But, unfortunately, not all hair lie ideally by nature. That your hairstyle daily pleased, take simple advice on hair dressing by means of the hair dryer and brush.


  1. Before drying of hair use styling spray. It can be gel, mousse, skin. But with them be careful as they can cause allergy, reddening of eyes, rashes, hypostases. Choose means suitable for you. For soft, supple hair pick up means of moderate fixing, hard hair demands strong fixing. Squeeze out small amount on hands, accurately distribute on hair.
  2. Prepare the necessary brush. Round – will give volume, it is used for wave of curls. By means of small round brushes it is possible to make hard curls, by means of big – smooth waves. Flat brushes possess bristle only on one party and also are ideal for hair dressing phenom.
  3. Use the hair dryer very carefully as the danger to overdry hair is high, and it is harmful. It is very important to dry dry hair in the sparing mode therefore when it is possible, use the hair dryer less often. If nevertheless you dry it hair, begin with the sparing mode with warm air, continue cold, and then quickly finish with hot air.
  4. By means of the hair dryer and brush it is possible to make hair voluminous or to twist in curls. Begin drying with tips, gradually twisting them brush, then extend at roots. Thanks to such tactics, your hairstyle will not turn out very simple. To receive smart curls, you will not need hair curlers and nippers. Take lock of hair of average thickness and curtail it flagellum, squeeze in fist, dry phenom.
  5. By means of brush you dry hair either only inside or only upward. If you want, having dried hair, to raise them in hairstyle, then use also that, and in a different way. Such laying is ideal for hair with different length. Having fixed upper locks, dry lower, unscrewing brush upward. Gradually, lowering other hair, twist inside. You dry hair warm air, and then cold. It will fix your locks, and they will keep throughout the day.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team