How to style hair wax

How to style hair wax

The cosmetic industry offers good selection of the vosk allowing to model hairstyles irrespective of type and structure of hair. Wax fix locks in the necessary direction, do hair obedient, smooth, brilliant, dense. Producers supply to the market products, the containing natural beeswax, B5 vitamin, antiseptic agents feeding and emollient components. Besides, these products protect hair from the hazardous substances which are contained in air, dust, ultra-violet radiation.


  1. Consider that it is necessary to apply wax on clean hair. Therefore before its use wash up the head.
  2. Use wax if you have curly hair. With its help it is possible to do obedient beautiful curls every day. You apply it on hair by means of hands, without using hairbrush.
  3. Take small amount of wax on fingers and pound palms. At the same time it will slightly be warmed from heat of your hands. After that distribute it on lock length. You can straighten hair and vice versa, to twirl in hard rings. During usage time of wax dry the processed locks phenom. It is possible to wind after processing of hair them on hair curlers and to dry.
  4. Fix solid wax hairstyle if you have dry type of hair. It contain fat substances which add gloss to dry hair. Use it and in those cases if you need to divide hair, to emphasize accurate lines in hairstyle, curls, the twisted locks. With its help it is possible to add gloss, shine to hair or opaque effect. Firm wax prevent hit of moisture in hairstyle therefore it can long remain.
  5. Style hair spray with liquid wax if you have fine hair, it will give the volume and splendor to hairstyle. Spray spray at distance of 20 cm. It is not obligatory to wash away it in the evening, it is enough to comb hair.
  6. Use liquid wax if you have strongly curly hair. After putting gel they gain softness and become obedient.
  7. Apply the matting wax if you want to create extreme hairstyle with effect of the sticking-out hair on hair of average and short length.
  8. It is possible to create hairstyle with effect of "wet hair" by means of glossy vosk. Apply wax on all length of locks and by means of hairbrush with rare teeths make the necessary laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team