How to style hair with bang

How to style hair with bang

Irrespective of the chosen hairstyle, many women choose bang as its additional ornament. The stylish and correctly picked up bang can successfully emphasize the dignity of your person, change your image, help to create new image. The bang in itself always supplements hairstyle, but it can become independent and bright decoration of appearance only when you do beautiful and successful laying.


  1. It is the simplest to stack moist bang. Slightly dry it, and then turn in tips inside by means of round brush. If you love straight line, but not curled bang, straighten it, having combed ordinary hairbrush, and then dry up in such situation, directing current of air from below up.
  2. Apply on the laid bang it is a little mousse for fixing. If you are owner of hard and unruly hair, apply on them a little skin for laying, and stack bang by means of round brush, tightening up its tips inside.
  3. Accurately laid bang can be fixed in addition by beautiful accessories – hairpins or clips which not only will provide you accurate and tidy hairstyle for all day, but also will become additional element of style.
  4. If jewelry does not suit you, and it is necessary to lay bang qualitatively and for a long time, use strong fixers – for example, silicone. Observe measure, applying similar funds on bang – you watch that hair have not got ugly and fat shade.
  5. Do not put on headdress over the laid and recorded bang – otherwise, your laying will deteriorate.
  6. There is mass of styles of laying of hairstyles with bang – both daily, and courageous, defiant and extravagant. Nevertheless, today the natural bangs looking most naturally are the most popular. Everything that from you is necessary when laying such bang - it is to achieve that hair well held form. Do not try to give to bang artificial look – the it will be more natural to look, the better.
  7. You will be able to change the image, having made hairstyle with bang in retro style, and slightly twisting hair, creating easy curls. Slanting and the bang twists outside. The easy curl on bang will give to your image more romanticism and femininity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team