How to style very voluminous hair

How to style very voluminous hair

Voluminous and curly hair is the real decoration of the woman. However in order that the hairstyle long and well kept, it is necessary to work fairly. Especially disobedient hair happen at rain, high humidity and wind. Take simple advice how to style voluminous hair, and you will look irresistibly in any day.

Use of the hair dryer with nozzle diffuser

Many women have in the arsenal the hair dryer with various nozzles. However not everyone uses possibilities of the hair dryer for 100%. The diffuser is disk with vertically located "fingers". The nozzle diffuser is arranged in such a way that at air supply it twists hair and gives them volume. By means of such nozzle it is very convenient to carry out laying on voluminous hair.

In the beginning wash up the head and dry towel: water should not flow from hair. Then apply on hair on all length the fixing mousse: it will help to hold hairstyle. Wind hair on diffuser fingers, but you watch that they were not confused. Dispose the hair dryer to the head at an angle of 90 degrees and include. For usual laying of rather average speed and low temperature.

Wind on nozzle lock behind lock do not dry up all hair yet. That laying has turned out uniform, locks have to be the identical size. After the hair dryer let's hair cool down and accurately correct laying by hands. For fixing of result sprinkle hair varnish of strong fixing. Even in damp weather the laying with varnish will not break up. To finish hairstyle, put on rim, headband or bandage the head. Release separate locks outside that they beautifully framed face.

Use of the iron for straightening and hair dressing

Emergence of such invention as stayler or the iron, facilitates life to many women having voluminous and curly hair. For a start evenly apply on hair thermoactive means for protection against high temperature. Then divide hair into several levels: upper, lower, average. Lower and average pin up hairpin and begin to straighten the upper hair going from the top. You see the iron from roots to the tips. That laying was the most effective, take the iron not wide locks of hair. At the maximum temperature you carry out by the iron on lock only once. At low temperature conduct the iron slowly and you see off several times on one lock. Before carrying out by the iron on lock comb it. Move from nape to the person on both sides: gradually you pass from upper locks to average and lower. Stack bang in the last turn. After laying sprinkle hair varnish or apply on them special wax. By means of the iron it is possible to get rid of excessive fluffiness of hair which is especially strongly shown in rainy and rainy weather.

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