How to sunbathe without the sun and sunbed

How to sunbathe without the sun and sunbed

To have beautiful and equal suntan a lot of time is necessary. And there is a wish to see result as soon as possible. For this purpose it is possible "to make" suntan. In it specialized means can.

What needs to be known?

  • For a start it is necessary to define the type of skin to choose the most suitable means.
  • Regular skin exfoliation by means of srub – indispensable condition. It is also necessary to use also the moisturizing body creams.
  • It is possible to pick up the means suitable for itself only trial and error method.
  • Means needs to use according to the enclosed instruction

 Suntan preparations it is possible to divide into three views: autosuntan, bronzator and activator of suntan.

Probably, there is no such girl who would not know what is autosuntan. Dihydroxy acetone - substance which is the main component of this means, reacting with skin changes its shade for more dark. Usually the effect of autosuntan lasts about a week. The received shade can be supported, using means it is regular.

Now in shops of means of autosuntan are presented in different types. To someone can be more convenient to buy lotion or cream, and to someone spray. But here, of course, it is better to consider type and features of skin. According to many girls, spray lays down better and more exactly. As for cream, mousse or lotion do not forget about gloves which will protect your hands. Before the procedure it is necessary to use body scrub.

If you have put means unevenly. All this is it is possible to correct. Best of all juice of lemon to which water in the ratio 2:1 is added will approach. Take small sponge or fabric and process leather mix. Later take shower and properly wipe skin. These actions will help you to level tone. It is important not to sunbathe with the caused autosuntan, otherwise your skin will begin to turn yellow!

As for bronzator, it less resistant, than autosuntan, but is not so dangerous and gives pleasant shade. Bronzator use for maintenance of already received suntan. It can be in the form of powder or lotion. Means is applied to skin by means of gloves, the massing movements. After the procedure it is desirable not to put on clothes, at least 10 minutes. 

The activator of suntan promotes production of melanin at hit on skin, as will give it dark shade. Usually it is put before sunbed, but it is possible to use it separately as independent means. Some such products go in combination with bronzator that gives the best effect. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team