How to suspend growth of hair after epilation

Epilation of hair, as we know, not the most pleasant procedure. Therefore many women want that hair on epilirovanny sites grew as it is possible more slowly. Desire that skin after epilation as long as possible remained smooth, quite naturally. For this purpose it is necessary to slow down process of normal growth of hair somehow. The modern industry of beauty offers wide choice of the means designed to solve this problem. But few what means really copes with the task assigned to it to slow down growth of undesirable hair. Therefore it is worth paying attention to the checked folk remedies by means of which still our grandmothers got rid of excess hair.


1. Lemon juice. It is necessary to grease with lemon juice skin after epilation. Citric acid damages hair bulbs, and growth of hair stops. It makes sense to put lemon juice within 5 days in a row after epilation.

2. Fresh juice of grapes has the effect similar to effect of lemon juice. To apply to skin also within 5 days after epilation.

3. Folk Indian remedy from growth of hair - turmeric. To connect powder of turmeric to water for formation of gruel. Gruel is applied on the chosen sites of skin after epilation. Hair bulbs after epilation are injured and most open therefore active ingredient of turmeric gets directly into bulb and puts it damages. If after putting gruel from turmeric to wrap sites of skin polyethylene and to sustain 30 minutes, the effect of weakening of hair will be more considerable.

4. Fresh seeds of great nettle (grow ripe in July-August) in number of 40 g need to be insisted on vegetable oil (100 g) within 6 weeks. Then oil infusion needs to be filtered. To apply urticaceous oil 1-2 times a day on those sites of skin which you want to save from hair completely. Already every day until oil comes to an end. On this process about two months will leave. As a result of this procedure the unnecessary hair with high probability will disappear forever.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team