How to sweat less

How to sweat less

Let's begin with what to sweat it normally. As far as the person would not be clean, and kind of he did not stint expensive deodorants, to sweat to human body is put by the nature.

Sweating, the organism protects itself from overheating - it is considered the only physiological process. By the way, it is useful to sweat, so for example, with then there is large amount of the hazardous substances which are contained in our organism. It is known that sweat glands are located on all body, less the person cannot physically sweat. Another matter the unpleasant smell which is given rise by this physiological process. But here not the organism, but bacteria which promote disintegration of substances defiant that aroma is guilty.

Sweat on health as they say! And naturally moderately. But how to be if the problem of sweat becomes sharply, and you feel need to fight against it?

From what you will drink calming you will not begin to sweat less, the first and only the correct way of the solution of this problem is visit to the doctor. Do not forget, the excessive perspiration can be symptom of serious disease which needs to be diagnosed as soon as possible. So, for example, the strengthened sweating can be the cause of weakening of warm activity, and at night day — tuberculosis. If you constantly sweat and at the same time thirst, there is suspicion of diabetes. Constant sensation of fear together with shiver and speaks then about thyrotoxicosis, disease of thyroid gland. Having established the sweat prime cause, you will get rid of "vzmokaniye", and will not sweat. Often, there are cases when inspection does not yield any results, the person sweats because he is so suited. And you are not edinstvenna, there is large number of people at whom the autonomic nervous system glitches. The consequence of it is plentiful sweating. Treatment is performed complex here. First, it is soothing medicines, secondly, physical therapy and also various wipings and powders. Try to wipe armpits with the cotton tampon moistened in vinegar (10%) - in few weeks you will notice that the sweat smell is practically not felt. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team