How to take away breast hair

How to take away breast hair

Removal of hair from breast - one of the most scrupulous subjects for men. Someone treats it crucially, saying that it does of the man of the metrosexual. But some men after all take away hair. Happens that hair grow also on female breast. Question to you it is not necessary to delete such vegetation or not-.

It is required to you

  • Razor, wax, epilator, cream depilator.


1. For a long time there have passed those times when the man reckoned with hairy breast as beauty standard. Now dense vegetation is not fashionable any more. Many women love beefy male models, metrosexuals with lack of hair on body in general. Depilating from breast it is necessary to consider that it is quite painful part of the body, besides, it will be necessary to repeat constantly the procedure again and again. The most usual method is to take away hair the razor. Without serious consequences, simply, cheap. Though it is necessary to shave breast often, perhaps, every day. In addition it is necessary to use the softening gel after shaving.

2. It is possible to depilate by means of epilator or wax strips. It is more painful, but also more dolgosrochno (in comparison with shaving).

3. Exist special cream depilators which are applied on hair and destroy them. The effect will be late for 2-3 days, after a while it is necessary to repeat operation. After such depilation, skin reddenings are possible, but the procedure is painless.

4. For women at whom on breast single hairs grow. removal by tweezers will approach. The result will hold on longer than month, then it will be necessary to repeat the procedure.

5. The laser epilation will be the best method of removal of hair on breast. It is the most durable (though the road) and painless way, by means of it in certain cases it is possible to take away hair forever.

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