How to take away hair from stomach

How to take away hair from stomach

Epilation standing and in zone of axillary hollows - today the procedure popular and demanded, and here professionals should take away stomach hair even seldom. Skin in this area especially sensitive, and hair has big follicle.

It is a little methods of removal of hair from stomach, each of them has both indisputable advantages, and shortcomings about which the visitor of salon quite often learns only during the procedure.

Sugar epilation

The sugar epilation is known to mankind since ancient times, the procedure already then enjoyed wide popularity, the used natural materials did not cause allergic reaction and rendered the expressed effect of peeling, deleting the died-off cells of epithelium.

The sugar epilation on stomach is in pure form done seldom. Usually masters offer structure for removal of hair with honey component. Honey perfectly nourishes skin therefore the procedure allows to accelerate regeneration process, i.e. recovery of the skin injured by removal of hair. After sugaring the hair disappear for several weeks, and the new growing hairs do not form bristle, they have no stupid cut, as after shaving. The hair is removed together with root therefore the sugar epilation is considered the most suitable method of removal of vegetation on stomach. However it is possible to apply it not more often than 4 times a year, otherwise not to avoid growing of hair and inflammation of follicle. Minus is also the morbidity of the procedure, not all are capable to bear twenty-minute "torture".

Photo and electroepilation of stomach

From alternative methods of removal of hair on stomach the photoepilation is most often used. The procedure this not most harmless, active light stream can cause damage terms in processing zone therefore before the procedure it is necessary to get advice at the expert, having reported that you are going to process stomach. You remember also that the photoepilation is categorically contraindicated to people with diabetes and to those who have varicosity. During electroepilation enter special needle electrode into each hair follicle. After that the impulse which destroys hair bulb moves. This procedure is painless and can be held up to 2 times a month though, as a rule, lasts for light women of effect for 3-4 months, and to brunettes and brown-haired women – for 2 months.

The sparing methods

It is more preferable to that who has not really many hair in stomach to resort to simple clarification. Such procedure can be carried out easily in house conditions by own forces. Of course, this way will not be able to save completely from hair, but will make them less noticeable therefore it can be used as temporary means. However before causing the clarifying structure surely make the test on skin, at emergence of irritation or rash you do not apply clarifier on stomach at all.

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