How to take away hand hair

How to take away hand hair

If hand hair are too noticeable, they should be removed in house or saloon conditions. At your service shaving, epilation wax or sugar and also the laser and other procedures capable once and for all to solve problem of hairy hands.

Temporary methods

The simplest method for removal of undesirable hair - shaving. By means of the machine with replaceable edges or the disposable razor you will be able quickly to move away all unnecessary young growth. For ideal result use gel or skin for shaving, and in case of that absence and another conditioner will be suitable for hair. Shaving yields short-term result - already next day on the surface of skin rigid hairs can appear. However this way has also pluses. Process is very fast, absolutely painless, the razor it is possible to depilate any length and density.

If you want to get rid of unwanted young growth for longer term, use electroepilator. With its help even very short hairs easily clean up. The epilation can be painful. To soften unpleasant feelings, before processing make cold compress or use the device with special vibronozzle performing simultaneous massage of skin. Minus of this way can be considered duration of process and possibility of growing of hairs. The long-term result belongs to pluses - hands will remain smooth about two weeks.

One more option - removal of hairs by means of wax. Use means in banks which should be warmed up, applied on hands, and then to remove by means of special paper. Even quicker ready wax strips work. After processing residues of wax clean off special napkins or the tampon soaked with olive oil. Wax strips not only take away unnecessary hairs, but also delete the died-off skin cells, doing hands gentle and smooth. However for repeated removal of hair it is necessary to wait until they grow.

Radical methods

For the final decision of problem of hairy hands exist electric, laser and photoepilation. The first is rather painful - hair follicles collapse by introduction of the thinnest needle. For one procedure it is possible to process the small site. It is important that process was carried out by the experienced expert - at the wrong introduction of needle on skin there can be scars. Recently the photoepilation and also laser processing is more popular. The first option suits girls with light skin and dark hairs. Flashlights destroy hair follicles, stopping growth of hair. The procedure is painless, but is quite long and expensive. Laser processing is even more expensive, but it is suitable for any color and length of hair. It is possible to carry process duration to minuses. For full removal of hair on hands 5-10 procedures can be required, and at many clients after the first processing the hair grow again.

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