How to take away the hung eyelids

How to take away the hung eyelids

The main cause hanging century – problems of exchange of liquid in organism. Hypostases appear from behind it. Very often liquid gathers in the place where skin is the thinnest – in eyes. Quite often such problem appears as a result of aging and loss of elasticity of skin and, as a result of it, weakening of muscles around eyes. There are many methods of elimination of this defect – from use of folk remedies before surgical intervention.


1. Considerable role in emergence hanging century is played also by heredity – if there is that, then it can happen at any age. With age the defect becomes more noticeable. To take away the hung eyelids or at least to make them less noticeable, it is necessary to follow the following simple rules.

2. Refuse or minimize the salt use. Salt detains in organism water, so, promotes appearance of hypostases, including around eyes.

3. You sleep in the correct situation – put additional pillow under the head – it will allow to increase outflow of liquid from the head, so, and from eyes. You sleep on spin as if to do it on stomach, in centuries excess liquid collects. Do not drink a lot of water for the night.

4. For the night you apply special cosmetics on eyes to avoid in the morning of bags under eyes and hung century.

5. Try to avoid overstrain of eyes as the century has swelled can arise because of their fatigue.

6. Avoid the smoked rooms, stay in places of congestion of automobile exhaust gases and to that similar zgryazneniye as it also negatively influences eyes.

7. If you have allergy – try not to face its reasons as they can also provoke the century has swelled.

8. Do not apply drugs which can cause the century has swelled (for example, "Cortisol").

9. Use hypoallergenic cosmetics for eyes.

10. For prevention of hypostasis or its reduction put ice cubes to eyes – it will improve blood circulation and will reduce hypostasis.

11. It is also necessary to remember that the century has swelled it can be caused by diseases of kidneys, thyroid gland, heart.

12. If overhang the century and their hypostasis occur constantly, then it is worth thinking of operational solution of these problems. Such operation becomes in out-patient conditions and the blefaroplastika is called. This method of treatment is radical. Operation provides cut of century, extraction surplus of hypodermic cellulose and removal superfluous skin then on eyelid seams are imposed.

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