How to take away undesirable hair

How to take away undesirable hair

hair growing in undesirable places cause the mass of inconveniences. To get rid of vegetation, it is only enough to choose optimum suitable option which will suit you. Also it is necessary to pay attention to what skin at you. Not all ways of disposal of hairs will be suitable for sensitive.

It is required to you

  • - shaving cream;
  • - machine;
  • - cream after shaving;
  • - hair removal cream;
  • - wax strips.


  1. Shaving - one of widespread ways to depilate. Previously process leather srub - it will help to avoid growing of hair. Put skin or cream and accurately shave hair against their growth. Shaving can be considered traumatic type of depilation therefore people should not apply it with sensitive skin. After removal of hair surely apply aftershave lotion.
  2. Hair removal cream will suit owners of any type of skin, the main thing is to select appropriate means. Sensitive skin cream copes with the task slightly worse, but the effect nevertheless is. Apply a little cream on problem zone, take 3-7 minutes and wash away warm water. Some types of creams need to be deleted from skin with special shovel which is applied to medicine. Try to note time and do not overdo cream on skin, otherwise there will be burn. Hairs grow after holding procedure rather slowly.
  3. Wax strips - the choice of strong women. They will be suitable both for sensitive skin, and for normal. Densely apply strip to skin and sharply remove it against growth of hair. Feelings, of course, not from pleasant, but effect amazing. Hair grow very slowly as part is uprooted. But you remember: the strips are more expensive, the you will feel less pains as essential oils which cool skin a little are added to them and kill pain.
  4. You can use also modern techniques of removal of hair. Address to any beauty shop or in cosmetology office. To you will pick up suitable way not only for the price, but also for quality. The photoepilation which for a long time saves from growth of hair in improper places is widespread now: in the area of bikini, armpits and standing. Also can offer you waxing, it differs from depilation in the same means a little. There is also mass of other ways to get rid of hair so the choice is, and it for you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team