How to tighten face skin

How to tighten face skin

Unfortunately, time goes and you can notice in mirror some changes on the face. For example, skin can lose slightly elasticity and to become more flabby. But it can signal not only about age changes, but also the wrong leaving. So, podgyativay face skin!


1. What does your daily stage-by-stage leaving consist of? Skin needs to be cleaned and peeled carefully, providing it excellent blood supply and saturation with oxygen. For this purpose we choose srub with soft granules, salicylic acid or fruit acids. With its help skin will be much fresher. Choose well moisturizing tonics, it is desirable with natural extracts (extracts of wild berries, grapes and also rose perfectly are suitable for the withering skin). Moisturize and feed the skin with saturated creams with the knitting and tonic components - for example, extracts of herbs or fruit.

2. You apply cream and all cosmetics on circular motions, and it is strict on massage lines, they have to be directed from the center of the person to ear lobe. Thus skin stretches much less and on it wrinkles are not formed.

3. For improvement of blood circulation and toning sluggish skin is present nothing better than regular cryomassage. To make it absolutely simply - it is worth freezing infusions of any herbs and extracts, useful to uvyadyayushchy skin (oak bark, mint, raspberry leaves) in mold. Begin day with minute cryomassage - and your person will become brought much more up! You can also freeze, for example, the juice of lemon or orange which is not concentrated and diluted with water. Citrus has great properties to give to skin tone.

4. Now we will consider options of the tightening masks. The fastest on efficiency (it can be applied even before some important event) is mask from egg white, juice of fresh lemon and absolutely small amount of honey. Well beat egg white, add juice, then teaspoon of honey there and mix to condition of dense homogeneous mass which should begin to be put on face at once. It is worth doing it layer by layer, by means of the cotton tampon moistened in warm water. Leave mask approximately for 15 minutes and wash away cool water! You will feel that skin became more tightened.

5. Oils are also strange means for maintenance of elasticity of skin. For example, you can prepare mix from apricot oil which has the nutritious and refreshing properties, and from oil of grape seeds which wonderfully fills skin with energy. It is possible to add 2-3 drops of oil of sweet grapefruit to this mix to give to the face the fresh and shining look. It is worth applying mix from oils in well warmed up state, the cotton pad moistened in hot water - thus, also the cleaning effect is gained - time reveals, and pollution in them are successfully dissolved.

6. Masks from fruit, vitamin-rich is the real rescue for the withering skin! You should try masks from acid cherry, fresh strawberry, kiwi. They are rich with potassium, magnesium, vitamin C (which remarkably strengthens walls of vessels). These fruit can be applied as independently, and in combination with oils bases (the oil of grape seeds mentioned above perfectly approaches for this role!).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team