How to tighten stomach skin after the delivery

How to tighten stomach skin after the delivery

Many women face problem of the drooped tummy after the delivery. It is to shape up rather, it is necessary to eat, carry out properly special exercises and to apply additional resources on skin care.


1. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to food. Consult with the nutritionist who will help to make diet taking into account breastfeeding and need of normalization of weight. During the postnatal period you should not keep to diets - your organism needs good nutrition now therefore all ideas about weight loss need to be discussed with the attending physician in advance.

2. Massage helps to take away the drooped skin on stomach perfectly. For its performance it is necessary to lay down on back, to bend legs in knees.

3. Begin massage with easy stroking clockwise.

4. Then it is possible to pass to razminaniye. Begin with the bottom right side of stomach and move to edges. Traffics have to be heavy, but smooth not to allow discomfort.

5. After puddling it is necessary to return to strokings. Only it is necessary to do them by both hands from navel to sides.

6. The following massage exercise is called ""reeling"". It needs to be carried out as follows: edge of the left hand it is necessary to press on stomach, and right at this moment to knead fat fold.

7. After that we pass to ""podtalkivaniye"". Iron tummy clockwise, at the same time the left hand press on it, and right do the pushing movement. To repeat 5-6 times.

8. Pound tummy edges of palms (as though you saw it on pieces).

9. Finish massage with easy strokings of tummy clockwise. Such massage perfectly removes fat deposits and promotes elimination of flabbiness of skin. It is necessary to do it daily ten minutes.

10. Besides diet and massage, it is possible to try to remove it was become flabby skin by means of cosmetics. Today there is set of cosmetics directed to disposal of extensions and flabbiness. See behind council doctor or the employee of drugstore to pick up means for your case.

11. Effective remedies for fight against the drooped skin can be made also in house conditions. Take melkopomoloty seeds of coffee, mix them with honey and mass this structure tummy in soul. Such srub activates exchange processes in skin and helps to get rid of extensions quickly.

12. Also exercises on press help to get rid of flabby tummy. Before beginning to do them, it is necessary to consult with the doctor as the excessive physical activity can do much harm to the woman in the postnatal period.

13. One more option is to address to beauty shop. Today can offer you set of programs which help will cope with flabby skin - beginning from algal wrappings and finishing with hardware cosmetology.

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