How to tighten the drooped skin

How to tighten the drooped skin

How many times repeated nutritionists that fast weight loss is harmfully dangerous and fraught with such troubles as frustration of metabolism, the drooped skin and so on and so forth. On the contrary, all the same women aim to lose weight by one heroic effort, hoping to reward then themselves for "pokhudatelny" torments tasty brochette on the sea beach. But, thin korovushka – still not that gazelle as the popular wisdom says. The drooped skin on sides, and, sorry, udder a la "ears of spaniel" after fast weight loss – norm. Well, there is nothing to do, we will learn to tighten the skin which has drooped after weight loss.

It is required to you

  • - moistening kremf. body gels with effect of lifting;
  • - rigid bast;
  • - body scrub;
  • - olive oil;
  • essential oils of sandal-wood tree and orange.


1. The regular peeling, grinding by rough bast also promotes reduction of skin in tone. After peeling by all means use creams and with effect lifting body gels.

2. Regular massage promotes pulling up of the drooped skin. During massage use oil mixes – for example, mix from olive (1 tablespoon) oils to which about 4 drops of essential oils of orange and sandal-wood tree are added.

3. Not bad save from cellulitis and flabbiness of skin of wrapping. However before signing up for course – consult to the cosmetologist.

4. Magnificent way to strengthen the sagged skin – bath. However, only the person with rather healthy cardiovascular system can use it.

5. Sports activities are necessary for increase in elasticity and elasticity of integument. Besides, a little muscle bulk on those places where earlier fat lumps dangled, will not prevent in any way.

6. There is also surgical way to remove excess of leather from stomach ("apron") formed after sharp weight loss – abdominoplastik and miniabdominoplastik (less traumatic option of the first). It is possible to combine this operation with liposuction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team