How to tonsure long hair

How to tonsure long hair

Long hair are powerful weapon of female appeal. But they demand careful leaving and take away a lot of time. Therefore part of long-haired women is solved on shorter hairstyles. So, how to tonsure long hair?


  1. To define what hairstyle will suit you, it is necessary to establish shape of the face. If you are owner of oval face type, then it is possible to consider that you were very lucky. Girls with oval face perfectly will suit practically any types of hairstyles. When choosing hairstyle it is necessary to draw special attention to proportions of neck and face only. For owners of round face everything is admissible, except one – it is impossible to take away completely from face hair, combing them back. If your person is characterized by the allocated chins and cheekbones, then it belongs to diamond-shaped type. In this case short hairstyles, with a little extended locks on temples will become appropriate. In hairstyles for girls with square shape of the person there should not be too sharp and accurate lines. And if you have triangular face, then you should not cut hair shortly. Short hairstyles aggravate lines, opening chin.
  2. Very important factor defining the choice of hairstyle are proportions of forehead, nose and chin. If you have high forehead or big nose, then the bang in such situation is simply necessary. At the same time, it is important to make it the sufficient length and density. Such bang will help to smooth sharpness of features a little. If you have very full cheeks, then do not do too smooth hair with long bang. Besides, do not do hair parting directly on the center of the head. If you have big chin, then remember that to it hairstyles with narrow temples and the magnificent top will help to create visual counterbalance.
  3. Also the structure of hair is also important. The hairstyles assuming large volume will not be suitable for the thinned hair. On thick hair well any hairstyle will look. And hairstyles with plumose contour will be suitable for curling.
  4. But it is necessary to remember that if you have tonsured hair shortly, then visits to hairdressing salon have to become more frequent. The structured hairstyles in which length of the shortest hair is 2-3 cm look at the appropriate level only the first two weeks. If you have chosen slightly asymmetric hairstyle with an average length of 4-5 cm, then with it the whole month it is possible to live quietly. With split-level hairstyle it is possible to pass 6–7 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team