How to train eyes

How to train eyes

training of eyes favorably influences improvement and maintaining sight, prevention of eye illnesses. Systematic and regular performance of simple exercises will help to support normal sight or to correct it.


  1. You learn to remove eye stress. The modern working person spends the most part of the working hours at the computer. Do not forget to give to eyes rest. Close eyes for minute, do couple of exercises, and you will feel result.
  2. Mass eye eyelids. Light massage and stroking of the closed eyes, pressing and puddling well influence the nervous terminations and blood circulation.
  3. Use the training glasses intended for correction of far-sightedness, short-sightedness, astigmatism and other visual impairments. There is strong training of eye muscles at the expense of what the sight improves.
  4. Influence of different temperatures raises visual tone. For this purpose take couple of napkins, one of which is wetted by ice water, another – is hotter. Alternately put them by eye centuries. Hot napkin on two the minute cold on one. It is possible to repeat several times.
  5. Periodically you carry out palming. It is the real rest for eyes. Close eyes and cover them with palms. At the same time fingers have to be put on forehead cross-wise. The less light gets through palms, the better – eye muscles will relax more. It is necessary to perform this procedure about 10 minutes at least 2-3 times a day. As soon as you feel fatigue of eyes, close them hands, sit a little without tension, try to relax – the cheerfulness will not be slow to return.
  6. Do not forget about healthy nutrition and maintaining healthy lifestyle. Food influences all processes happening in organism including on by means of what the sight is carried out. Eye muscles ideally have to be flexible and soft. At low-quality food they become strapped and rigid that influences shape of eye. Especially it affects with age. That is why over the years more and more people become far-sighted.
  7. Carry out sets of exercises. Here the regularity is important. Several times a day pay attention to small trainings. Exercises are quite simple and known: to translate look to the right-to the left, up-down, on diagonal, to execute circular motions, to draw letter eyes. It is necessary to repeat each of these exercises 8–10 times. On time it takes several minutes. Have a little patience, and you surely will help the eyes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team