How to transfer the drawing to body

How to transfer the drawing to body

Very popular type of decoration of own body people of different age had permanent make-up. By means of special tools the tattoo representing certain drawing or inscription is applied to skin. This procedure is painful as skin is exposed to numerous punctures needle. But despite this, fans of tattoos every day, month and year become more and more. It is also worth remembering that this procedure should be undergone in specialized workshops, otherwise there is huge risk to get to itself blood poisoning.


  1. Before starting the procedure of drawing the drawing on body, it is necessary to move the sketch of tattoo to the site of skin where the client will wish. There are several ways of transferring of the drawing on human body.
  2. The first way. After you have chosen the drawing suitable your visitor, transfer it to transfer paper. For this purpose put it that party up where there is large amount of dyes. By means of any pointed subject circle tracings of the drawing. At the same time paint from transfer paper will appear in the drawing.
  3. Apply leaf with the drawing to the skin which is previously moistened with alcohol, record. The drawing has to be printed on skin, but if it has not occurred, then by means of the pointed subject it is necessary to circle contours.
  4. The second way. Transfer the drawing to tracing-paper by means of gel pen. Previously disinfect the place in which it is going to make drawing the drawing and smear with soap. Apply tracing-paper to the place, the pointed subject transfer the drawing to body. After all this it is possible to start drawing tattoo directly.
  5. Time does not stand still, all new and new types of the paints adapted for drawing tattoo are developed. Before the procedure it is necessary to pass test for allergic reaction and for shipping your organism of chemical dye.
  6. The most important when drawing tattoo is to observe sterility. Track that the master has put on sterile gloves and has processed all necessary tools very carefully. Health is much more expensive, than the nice drawing on body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team