How to treat burns for the sun

How to treat burns for the sun

In pursuit of beautiful suntan many forget that if long to be right in the sun without protectant for skin, that is the probability to fall victim of solar star.

The first symptoms of solar burn depend on extent of damage of skin. The most slight burns ultraviolet rays are usual reddening of skin. In several days, skin will begin to be shelled and everything will pass. You should not "peel" independently skin, and it is better to wait for its natural restoration.

It is worth sounding the alarm if on skin blisters with liquid were formed, there was temperature, fever, weakness and the health has sharply worsened. Not in which case it is impossible to pick and pierce watery bubbles as it is possible to bring infection in the formed wounds. At temperature increase of body higher than 38 degrees it is necessary to take medicine of paracetamol or ibuprofen. In case of sharp deterioration in health urgently see doctor.

If near at hand there are no medicines, then in some mild cases it is possible to cope also "grandmother's" means. The most known and effective remedy - to put compress from curdled milk, low-fat sour cream or kefir. Is part of dairy products squirrels and various microorganisms which allow to keep moisture and to provide protective layer. Well masks help: the gruel from white cabbage mixed with egg white; the grated crude potatoes; aloe juice. The listed masks kill pain, inflammation and moisturize the skin.

For treatment of solar burns it is recommended to have in first-aid kit or to put medicines which have antimicrobial, wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect in traveling bag. It is Panthenol spray, balm "Ambulance", cream or Bepanten ointment, emulsion of Advantan, gel "Solkoseril", "Kamagel" with camomile extract. 

It is necessary to increase pure consumption, fruit, vegetables and drinks which have in the chemical composition vitamin E, With, And that promotes improvement of condition of skin. 

When burns pass, it is important to protect the new skin formed on their place, to refrain within several days from stay on the beach and to remember several highlights to keep health and good health on vacation:

  • it is better not to sunbathe from 11 to 16 o'clock;
  • begin to acquire tan gradually;
  • suntan on water strengthens action of sunshine;
  • use sun-protection means depending on your phototype of skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team