How to treat hair burdock oil

How to treat hair burdock oil

Burdock oil which main ingredient is the root of burdock big which in the people is called burdock was long since used in the people for treatment of hair. It stimulates growth of hair, strengthens their roots, eliminates dandruff and greasiness, prevents hair loss. It can be got in drugstore as in pure form, and with various curative additives.


  1. The course of treatment which will require to be passed elimination of any of the listed problems consists of 10-12 procedures, after that take break not one or one and a half weeks and again repeat course. You can do on the basis of burdock oil of mask with addition of those vegetable components which are necessary for your hair.
  2. For the weak and slowly growing hair use burdock oil with nettle extract addition. The nutrients and polyvitamins which are contained in it will help to improve structure of hair and to strengthen them. For dim hair with split ends use burdock oil with vitamins A and E. This complex will restore structure of hair, will return them former gloss and silkiness, will strengthen hair bulbs and will fill shortage of vitamins. The dry, fragile and injured hair it is necessary to treat burdock oil with propolis. The structure with horsetail will help to stop hair loss.
  3. For masks except basis - the tablespoon of burdock oil can be added to mix in the same quantity honey, kefir, yolk of egg and several drops of aromatic oil. Addition of tablespoon of castor oil will enhance effect. It is possible to hold such mask on the head about an hour. In some sources recommend to do it for the night, it is not really convenient and the efficiency of such way is not confirmed.
  4. You apply mask on clean almost dry hair. If you rub oil in head skin, then before application slightly warm it on water bath. Divide hair into hair partings and rub oil consistently completely to saturate head skin and to promassirovat all its surface. Thus mass the head of minutes 10 – 15, then comb the head hairbrush with rare teeths that oil was evenly distributed on hair. Put on polyethylene hat for shower and hide the ends of hair under it, wind the head with terry towel.
  5. Wash away mask warm water with grass shampoo for your type of hair. Previously use egg yolk easier to wash away oil. After you wash the head shampoo, use balm – conditioner.

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