How to treat the cracked hands

How to treat the cracked hands

Skin on hands very sensitive to chemicals, water, sun, frost. At inadequate leaving or full-time employment with water, the concentrated means for cleaning, laundry detergents or paper on hands form cracks. Integuments become dry, rough, red and on them cracks are formed. How to save the hands and to get rid of unpleasant symptoms?

Try to reduce by some time contact with water at least. At constant washing the fat, protective layer on the surface of hands disappears. If you need to wash hands often, try to wet only palms as on them skin thinner and dries quicker.

Do not use soap every time when you are going to wash up hands. Try to replace it with lotions as a part of which there is no oil. Well wipe hands and remove residues of lotion with napkin.

You do not dry hand by means of electrodryers. If at work these devices are installed, and you have no towel, do not bring closer hand to the dryer closer, than on 20 cm. But it is better if you have the towel.

Do not forget to do medical hand baths regularly. For this purpose use oil for bathtubs. Dissolve it in warm water and take in this solution of hand. Do not wipe them after the end of procedure, and at once oil skin mineral or olive.

It is not obligatory to use expensive manicuring cream. There is enough that were their part:

  • vaseline;
  • coconut oil;

Even inexpensive means with this structure will help with care for skin of hands. When putting cream do the procedure twice.

At contact with water, the concentrated soap solutions, laundry detergents and other means for washing and cleaning surely put on gloves. If you spend at home dry cleaning or work with large amount of paper, use gloves from cotton fabric. When cooking, especially when you adjoin to vegetable, fruit or meat juice, skin of hands is exposed to additional irritation. Therefore put on thin gloves and change them several times in the course of cooking.

Before exit to the street apply special protective cream on hands. It is also necessary to moisturize the skin in the morning and before going to bed by means of the suitable looking after means.

Do "cleaning" by means of the powder made independently of oat flakes. Put it in the prepared bowl and well rub hands with this powder. Similar action will help to remove devitalized parts of skin. Then rinse hands in cool water and apply thin film of cream or gel. Wait several minutes and once again cover integuments with cosmetic.

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