How to twist hair for a long time

How to twist hair for a long time

Hairdresser's art develops day by day. Today to owners of straight hair, persons interested to become curly for a long time, it is not obligatory to subject the head of hear to aggressive influence of chemical wave. The carving (long-term laying) or biowave are the sparing ways of chemical wave allowing not only to make hair for a long time wavy or curly, but also to give them the additional volume, elasticity and splendor.


  1. Prepare hair for the procedure of carving or biowave. That they looked after that magnificent, brilliant and healthy, it is necessary to cut dry and split ends previously. So curls during the procedure will be created correctly and beautifully.
  2. Estimate the general health of hair. If they are strongly injured, perhaps, it is worth spending several weeks for their restoration by nutritious masks. If you want to update hairstyle quicker, then the master can hold express procedures for recovery of structure of hair before the procedure of carving or biowave. Also the hairdresser will pick up structure for wave, the protective equipment and hair curlers suitable your type of hair.
  3. Address to good beauty shop, it is better to the checked expert who approximately for an hour and a half will make of you the curly beauty. The essence of the procedure of carving is that hair are wound on hair curlers of that size which you choose. The more largely and more softly you want to receive curls, the more there has to be diameter of hair curlers. The hairdresser applies special structure which is stood certain time on the wound hair then it is washed away.
  4. Remember that the effect of curly or wavy hair will remain until you do not wash up the head. After washing the hair will need to be styled anew, but to make it it will be much easier. It is rather simple to apply on them the modeling curl gel and to dry up them by means of the diffuser. Ways of easy and fast laying after carving huge set. On wavy hair it is possible to have no trouble in doing abrupt curls or to give them natural volume, having put a little skin and having allowed curls to dry natural way.
  5. Look after hair after the procedure of carving as well as to it. You are not lazy once a week to do nutritious masks which will maintain their health and gloss. Once a month cut tips that the hairstyle looked faultlessly, and curls held form better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team