How to twist hair of average length

How to twist hair of average length

Hairstyles of average length, that is are slightly lower or higher than the line of shoulders, in fashion again. Such hair it is much simpler to look after, than really long, but at the same time with them it is possible to create incredibly womanly and various laying. Usually one of the main difficulties in hair care of average length is their wave as this length is very exacting to the volume and form of laying.

It is required to you

  • - hair curlers,
  • - hairbrushes,
  • - styling foams,
  • - chemical solutions for long wave,
  • - mirror.


  1. In order that hair to shoulders looked beautifully, they need to be twisted regularly. The wave can be as usual, made by means of hair curlers, curling irons or irons, and long – chemical. But what way hair would not curl, it is necessary to do it correctly not to do harm to their health and external state.
  2. If for wave usual hair curlers are chosen, it is necessary to pay special attention to their form and the direction of turning. For hair of average length it is better to choose hair curlers of standard average diameter, not too thin and not large. Before turning slightly moisten hair and grease with small amount of styling foam. Then divide all hair into three parts: the main, the heads going from forehead to nape on middle part, and side, fascinating whisky and zones over ears.
  3. Further take serially on one lock, delaying it vertically to head skin, and wind hair curlers from tip of hair to roots. Keep in mind that the direction of turning of curl is of great importance too. In particular, if it is required to receive accurate magnificent hairstyle, all hair curlers have to be wound from top to down, being kind of wrapped in lock. At the same time all hair curlers have to be located accurate equal ranks on all surface of the head. If on the contrary there is a wish to receive magnificent head of hear with effect of easy rastrepannost, wind locks diversely and choose them randomly.
  4. The chemical wave perfectly is suitable for hair of average length. Modern beauty shops offer the whole range of different types of waves: radical, vertical, spiral, biowave, etc. Also its intensity can be also absolutely various – from small hard curlies in Black style to the elegant curls streaming soft waves. The stylist taking into account your type of appearance and condition of hair will help to choose specific type of wave to you.
  5. The average length which is the most demanded for hair the so-called American chemistry is. Despite rather high cost, it enjoys wide popularity thanks to what creates good volume at is made natural look. Curls at the same time look almost natural.
  6. The French bubble chemistry well will be suitable for oily hair. This wave gives small strong curls and good volume. It is ideal for hair of average length, creating visibility of magnificent natural head of hear and at the same time drying hair. The chemical wave Silk wave is not less popular. She creates the soft, silky curls having absolutely natural appearance. Thanks to the protein medicine used for this wave, hairs after the procedure look shiny and healthy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team