How to understand how you look

How to understand how you look

To estimate the appearance, manner to put on and behave objectively not always happens simply. But it is worth trying: sometimes such look will help to correct shortcomings which before people did not notice or considered insignificant.

Accuracy and ukhozhennost – basis of attractive appearance

Honestly answer yourself question: whether always your clothes, footwear and hairstyle are in proper condition? Trifles imperceptible at first sight like rather weakly sewn button, spots on blouse, not too clean hair or slightly peeled off varnish actually are evident and can spoil impression of people around about you.

And, on the contrary, the well-groomed appearance and clean clothes will be able to help to make pleasant impression, despite errors in drawing up clothes.

Study the features

Soberly and whenever possible objectively try to estimate type of the figure. Any, the most faultless in terms of combination of flowers and selection of accessories the dress which is put on not the figure will look ridiculously and ridiculously.

Define tsvetotip the appearance. If with it there were difficulties, it is worth addressing for consultation the stylist. The fact is that tsvetotip – that basis of your image by which you will be guided, selecting color scale of your clothes. Correctly picked up tone in clothes will emphasize your natural advantages, and the colors contraindicated to your tsvetotip will reduce your efforts to look faultlessly on is not present: you will just be lost in color scale alien to your type.

You look around

Certainly, will help to estimate and correct your manner to put on viewing fashionable magazines and telecasts like Fashionable sentence. Advice which stylists give sometimes be very useful. But you obtain not less useful information, having just looked back on the parties and having looked as people who walk the streets of your city put on and look. Having armed with councils of stylists, you will be able already to define that from what was seen you would like to try to apply and that is categorically unacceptable for you. By the way, it is useful to look not only at people, but also at own reflection in show-windows and other smooth surfaces. It will help you to estimate objectively the gait, bearing, manner to behave. Believe, you receive more right impression about the appearance, than studying the image of the house in mirror. It is no secret, that in front of the mirror all pose a little, try to accept more favorable pose, examine reflection in the most advantageous foreshortening. Here you will see yourself in field conditions, unvarnished.

Ask for suggestions

And the opinion from outside will be, of course, not superfluous. Talk to the girlfriend to whose opinion and taste you trust. Ask it to estimate objectively your appearance, to point out the defects noticeable to it. Of course, for such conversation you should stock up with courage and patience: perhaps, her words will be not too pleasant to you. Do not take offense! Convince yourself that, criticizing you, she renders you service, cares for that you looked more attractive. Whether and it for what true friends are necessary?! And the most correct, perhaps, will be to address for consultation the professional stylist. Together with the expert you will be able to work over own image most effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team