How to use Bae's hair oil

How to use Bae's hair oil

Churn butter has the sweetish aroma similar to aroma of carnation. It is very useful for hair. Churn butter calms and tones up at the same time. It is capable to help at dystonias, disturbing states.

Churn butter for hair of this means unique chemical composition therefore it works real miracles with curls! Churn butter strengthens hair, doing their structure smooth and strong, stops excessive loss. Churn butter of leaves feeds directly hair and influences hair bulb.

Application and contraindications

This oil is in pure form not used. It should be mixed with castor or burdock oil, kefir, sour cream. Proportions can be different, everything depends on length of hair, their type. Mix is applied on hair or rubbed in head skin. It is recommended for the best effect to cover the head with film and towel.

Churn butter use also for eyelashes. Only hypertensive persons cannot use this means. Before drawing on eyelashes and hair it is necessary to carry out the test, having applied mix on wrist. If has not followed allergic reaction, then it is possible to apply radio medicine directly on hair. It is necessary to hold mask on hair no more than half an hour. It is better to apply this means 3-month courses. Nutritious to maskapodogreyta castor and burdock oil (on 2-3 tablespoons), mix with oil beat, add the shaken-up egg yolk. Mix, apply on roots of curls, distribute on length. If you have oily hair, then the mask should be applied only on hair. Moistening to maskasmeshayta of 5 tablespoons of sour cream (take sour cream fat) with 5 drops of oil. Apply on the head and curls with dense layer. This mask well moistens dry hair, gives to elasticity, vital force. Mask for growth to volossmeshayta 2 droplets of oil with habitual shampoo or hair balm. wash with this structure the head every other time. Later several procedures the hair will begin to grow quicker. Musk for thin to volossmeshayta churn olive or linseed oil with oil, honey and yolk. Apply on the head with the massing movements, 20 minutes later wash away. This mask strengthens structure of hair, doing them by less fragile.

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