How to use BB cream

How to use BB cream

Recently more often on counters of cosmetic shops it is possible to see VV-cream. At right choice and competent drawing this product helps to solve several problems connected with skin care at once.

VV-cream and its main properties

Such cosmetic product as VV-cream, began to be popular rather recently. Women of the whole world already have managed to estimate its efficiency and convenience in application. VV-cream is multipurpose cosmetic, several problems helping to solve at once connected with skin care and masking of its visible shortcomings.

VV-cream combines properties of the moistening, nutritious or anti-aging product for the person and the masking means and also base under make-up. It is very convenient to use it as in this case the woman can be limited to acquisition and the subsequent drawing on skin only of one cosmetic. At the same time skin looks equal, well-groomed, shining. VV-cream gives to the face very delicate tone shade and hides visible shortcomings without obtaining effect of mask.

It is necessary to select such product proceeding from features of the skin. The modern cosmetic companies offer consumers good selection of VV-creams. Can find the means both owners of oily skin of the person, and those women who have problems with dryness of skin. Ladies of more mature age are recommended to pay attention on cream with anti-aging effect. VV-cream, as well as any tone means, it is worth selecting also taking into account shade of own skin. The product shade in the shaded state has to be the closest to face skin shade.

Putting VV-cream on skin

In order that VV-cream was effective, it is necessary to learn to use it correctly. Before drawing means it is necessary to clean and wipe skin with tonic. Further it is possible to start also putting the cream. It is the simplest to put cream on face by means of fingers of hands. For this purpose it is necessary to warm a little product between palms, and then apply with forefinger it pointwise on the center of forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. After that it is necessary to shade means that it has evenly laid down on the person. Owners of oily skin are recommended to impose VV-cream by means of sponge or brush. For this purpose it is necessary to apply means pointwise on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks, and then to shade it by means of the humidified sponge or brush. Many makeup artists sprinkle previously these tools thermal water. It allows to put product on face and neck more evenly. If cream has laid down not absolutely exactly and some shortcomings of drawing nevertheless can be seen with the naked eye, it can be corrected easily by means of the same cosmetic brush or sponge. VV-cream does not assume drawing basis under make-up as it already contains the components leveling skin relief. Tone means to impose over cream is also not necessary. If extent of masking of shortcomings seems insufficient, it is possible to apply powder over VV-cream. Use as touch-up of highlighter recovers the person, visually does it younger and attractive.

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