How to use black henna

How to use black henna

Henna is paint of plant origin, and quite cheap. It is known since ancient Egypt. Many dye it hair, but not all guess that with its help it is possible to do also temporary tattoos. These are two most obvious ways of use of black henna.

Black henna per se in the nature does not happen. What we call black henna it is henna with additive of the same natural dye, indigotin. Together they give to hair bluish-black color – color of black wing.

Black henna as however and any other, has exclusive curative properties. It strengthens hair, does them more dense, fills with gloss and also helps to struggle with dandruff. Henna, including black, those who have allergy to chemical paints can use. For many it is not just exit, and the real rescue. Besides, henna it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy and feeding.

However black henna does not suit blondes. It is better to use dark henna on hair dark by nature. Also it is worth remembering that it is worth using henna not more often than every two months, otherwise color will become dim that is especially critical for bluish-black shade which black henna gives. Let's assume, you used black henna and have got treasured shade of black wing. And then in couple of days you wanted to become blonde. Forget. You should wait for several months after coloring by henna, especially black that the possibility of chemical impact on hair has appeared. Henna and chemistry are not compatible. Therefore it is impossible to apply henna on the hair painted or twisted by chemistry. And for the same reason it is impossible to do coloring or chemical wave after henna use. And one more important point – black henna gives fantastically deep color, but does not paint over gray hair.

Henna is applied on clean, slightly moist hair (not wet!) It is necessary to prepare henna paint mix in ceramic or plastic ware as with metal she enters chemical reaction. Washing away henna from hair, shampoo cannot use. It is necessary to wash hair properly with flowing water, to put the conditioner, to wash away. Henna is very strongly soiled. Therefore it is necessary to paint in gloves, and to apply cream on the line of growth of hair. In bathtub all traces of henna should be washed away immediately, otherwise it will eat. That color was shown more intensively, recommends within three days after coloring the head not to wash. The best rich color after painting by black henna turns out after the first washing of the head. Further color will only be washed away.

In many ancient cultures, since Ancient Egypt, used technology of creation of temporary tattoos from henna. However this art has reached the blossoming in India, from there is this name - (mehndi) (or Miehangdi - mehandi). Today this direction is relevant again. And if earlier powder was dissolved, specially prepared, then today there are special tubes of black henna with thin nose at once to put the thin line, tattoo pattern. Such tubes in specialized shops for the Tat masters are on sale. Also black henna is used in body art. In principle, it too most, as tattoos, only in the bigger square – on the area of all body. In ancient times art of Mende had ritual character. Today it just means to stand out from the crowd and to decorate itself. In general, usual henna is also applied in the medical purposes, and for appearance hair masks are made of colourless henna.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team