How to use brush of kabuki

How to use brush of kabuki

Brush of kabuki - easy, compact and very fluffy. By means of it it is possible to vary without effort powder layer on face. Such brush is the real find in comparison with sponges, sponges and other means of putting powder and blush.

It is required to you

  • Brush of kabuki, powder, blush, bronzator, water.


  1. The brush of kabuki is usually used for putting blush, friable and compact powder, various pigments, highlighters, bronzator. She creates equal and opaque covering on face. For such effect move brush of kabuki on the person with circular motions. Thus you will shade blush and as if you will polish face. Cover tip of brush with the chosen means evenly then on face the means will exactly lie. If have gained surplus, shake it, having knocked about edges of jar of powder or blush.
  2. The most important rule during the work with brush of kabuki are sense of proportion. The excess amount of powder or blush on face creates effect of mask or kukolnost of image. And the main task is to show ukhozhennost and beauty. For this purpose immerse brush of kabuki not in friable powder, and in compact. The same concerns and is ruddy. If you have applied too much cosmetic, shake brush of kabuki before use. Then on it there will be exactly so much friable substance how many it is necessary. It is possible to arrive and so: fill powder in lid or on the sheet of paper and take her from there. And pour surplus back to powder box.
  3. If you want to cover face with very dense layer of means, previously moisten brush of kabuki in water. Without having allowed it to dry, gather dry pigment. Only moisten brush not under the crane, and from spray. Having resorted to such small cunning, you will be able to do one powder even without use of foundation and other cosmetics.
  4. The brush of kabuki, as a rule, is made of synthetic pile. However despite this, it pleasant, velvety and soft. Having carried out by it on the person, you feel silky touches. Creating covering with brush of kabuki, you receive the shaded tone without strips and lines. There are small brushes of kabuki, average and big. For convenience it is possible to have all three in collection.
  5. In order that the brush kept form and high qualities, store it in futlyarchik together with which it was on sale. In addition, every time after use wash out brush of kabuki in flowing water. As detergent use soft shampoo. During washing do not pull hairs, otherwise they will get out, and the brush considerably will thin.

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