How to use cream from extensions

How to use cream from extensions

Extensions – ugly red-blue strips which get white shade over time. The risk of emergence of striya is especially high during pregnancy, at teenage age, at set of excess weight. It is necessary to use cream from extensions even before their emergence. Moistening and nutrition helps to keep elasticity of skin that in turn guarantees protection against extensions.


1. Choose quality cream from extensions. Means has to contain retinoids, alpha hydroacids, peptides, relastin, collagen and vitamins. It is possible to buy such cream in drugstore. Numerous producers offer the products. In such variety it is rather easy to get confused. If you really wish to prevent emergence of extensions and to make imperceptible already appeared striya, attentively study structure which is specified on packing. During pregnancy and during breastfeeding it is better to stop the choice on creams with mark "hypoallergenic".

2. Use cream from extensions in the morning and in the evening directly after acceptance of shower. It is impossible to assume that skin dried up. It will inevitably provoke formation of extensions of which it will be impossible to get rid only by means of cream already.

3. You apply cream from extensions with easy circular massage movements on area of breast, stomach, hips. Quality cream from extensions is quickly enough absorbed and does not leave marks on clothes. Therefore in a few minutes you will be able already to put on and be engaged in urgent matters.

4. To strengthen effect of cream, two times a week during the water procedures use peeling. Striya are formed not in upper, and in median layer of epidermis. For its mitigation and moistening it is necessary to delete the keratosic cages of upper layer in due time. Without application of peeling or srub to make it it is rather problematic.

5. Consider that the scrubbing particles have to be the smallest, and srub or peeling to contain hydroacids which effectively cope with the function softly and gently peel the keratosic particles of skin.

6. For bigger efficiency from extensions it is possible to add several drops of vitamin E and A. Snachal to cream squeeze out the necessary amount of cream in clean bowl, add two drops of oily solution of vitamins, carefully mix and at once apply to clean skin breasts, hips and stomach.

7. Now solid oils which perfectly moisturize were available for sale and feed the skin, prevent emergence of extensions and do hardly noticeable old striya. When using such oils it is enough to break off small piece, to warm in hands and to apply to clean skin. Solid oils – the real rescue for owners of the dry and dehydrated skin. They almost instantly saturate median layers of epidermis with nutrients and as much as possible moisturize the skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team