How to use deodorant

How to use deodorant

Correctly picked up deodorant will solve problem of excessive perspiration and unpleasant smell. You can use means in the form of stik, spray, cream or gel - the choice depends on personal preferences and type of skin. Modern deodorants do not harm skin, do not leave spots on clothes and reliably keep all day.


1. Choose means which will suit you. Deodorants do not eliminate excess of sweat - they are designed to fight against unpleasant smell. Antiperspirants which part salts of aluminum and zinc are are intended for blocking of activity of sweat glands. Such means can cause irritation of skin. Deodorants are almost safe, only individual reaction to some components is possible.

2. Pick up form of release of hygienic means. Owners of dry skin will suit means in the form of cream, flow down also rollers. Those who has oily skin should try sprays and the deodorizing powders. Preferring natural product deodorants crystals are addressed.

3. Find deodorant with not too sharp fragrance. The best option - the means having very weak aroma which is in harmony with smell of your spirits. Refuse the perfumed sprays - they can irritate the skin, causing inflammations. Pay attention to the latest developments - the deodorants which are not leaving yellow and white spots on clothes.

4. The deodorant needs to be applied to faultlessly clean and dry skin. Before application of means it is worth taking shower. Apply deodorant on area of armpits and give to means to dry. Most quicker sprays dry and flow down, after use of roller and crystal it is necessary to wait several minutes and only after that to start clothing. If during the day you want to update deodorant, wipe area of armpits with wet towel wipes, let's skin dry and put new portion of means.

5. In the evening surely remove deodorant from skin, having taken shower or bath. Having noticed irritation, stop use of means - perhaps, you have allergy to any component. Most often reaction arises on deodorants with extracts of citrus. If your skin differs in sensitivity, do not use deodorants on the beach - under the influence of sunshine on body pigmental spots can appear.

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