How to use dirt

How to use dirt

Dirt differs in the unique medicinal properties: they ideally smooth and purify skin, have wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect, help with elimination of dandruff and strengthening of roots of hair. Mud appliques and wrappings can become good assistants in fight against insomnia, stress, overfatigue and also at treatment of diseases of joints, arthritis, sciatica.


1. Make wrappings with use of dirt. In house conditions prepare food wrap, warm plaid, disposable gloves and dirt. Previously dissolve powder in warm water, add several drops of aromatic oil of orange, lavender. Carefully purify skin, wipe dry and put mud weight with layer 1-2 mm thick. Wrap trunk, hands and legs food wrap and take cover warm blanket or plaid for 1-2 hours. Then take bath, without washing away dirt from skin. Only after that be rinsed under shower and use habitual skin care products. The mineral substances which are contained in dirt extremely actively promote elimination of effect of orange-peel on hips, buttocks, stomach, improve microcirculation and expand blood vessels, increasing elasticity and elasticity of skin.

2. Prepare face pack: take ready dirt or dissolve powder in warm water. Apply weight to previously cleaned skin, avoiding sites with gentle skin around eyes and lips. Wait 15-20 minutes before drying of mask, but do not allow dirt to dry up. Warm water, accurately sprinkling and not pounding skin, remove mask from face then use your habitual cream. Therapeutic mud will work as sponge, removing unnecessary slags and the keratosic parts of skin. Such mask normalizes work of sebaceous glands and regulates fat balance of skin.

3. Strengthen roots of hair by means of mask from therapeutic mud. Mix and warm necessary amount of dirt, apply on moist hair, wrap the head food wrap and wrap up in warm scarf. 20 minutes later carefully wash hair with warm water, wash up the head shampoo and dry up towel. Use of mask for hair improves blood supply of hair bulbs, strengthens roots of hair, especially well approaches after chemical wave or coloring.

4. Apply applique from dirt on places of bruises and stretchings. For this purpose warm small amount of mud weight up to the temperature of 40 degrees, soft circular motions apply dirt to skin. In 30-40 minutes remove applique by means of warm water (without soap). For achievement of positive result repeat the procedure of times in 3-4 days.

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