How to use dry dry deodorant

How to use dry dry deodorant

Wet armpits - pressing problem for women. At some women this defect is shown not only in hot weather, and is constant. Here it is already about disease which it is necessary to treat.

As dry dry deodorant works

dry dry deodorant - excellent means to get rid of plentiful sweating. And it not only eliminates unpleasant smell, and fights against the reason of this problem. One more advantage of deodorant is action duration. Means can be applied on axillary hollows, foot, palm, that is on all problem places. It is very economic in comparison with other analogs, one bottle can use for several months.

It is necessary to use deodorant, observing the instruction. At violation of one of points of desirable effect it is possible not to reach. Action of deodorant is directed to narrowing of sweat glands, so there is sweating reduction. It is possible to buy such wonderful means in drugstore.

dry dry deodorant cost considerably differs from the cost of ordinary atiperspirant. But it lasts for 3-5 months, depending on intensity of use.

Whether it is dangerous to use deodorant

There is opinion that dry dry deodorant harmful and causes breast cancer. But numerous researches have not confirmed this fact therefore women can use it, without worrying about health.

Instruction for application

The deodorant is used by 1-2 times a week, depending on neglect of problem. Apply means on clean and dry surface in 1 hour prior to dream. Such measures are necessary to avoid strong and intolerable prickings. Also it is necessary to remember that in two days before drawing means it is impossible to shave off hairs on skin or to make other hygienic procedures which damage integrity of integuments. It is not necessary to give deodorant on places of cuts, open wounds, on the angry skin. If after use of deodorant skin has strongly reddened, the itch has begun, then it is necessary to wash away immediately means water. To repeatedly apply it only in 24 hours. It is possible to apply the softening cream on the angry sites of skin. If reddenings and itch do not take place, then it is necessary to stop use of deodorant at all.

It is necessary to avoid hit of means in eyes. Otherwise it is necessary to wash out their large number waters.

Before application it is necessary to uncover and press the applicator which facilitates drawing into small bottle. Then means in small amount to smear on pure, dry leather and to wait 3 minutes that has dried. After that it is not necessary to adopt water procedures, it is necessary to wait for morning. It does not make sense to smear armpits with the flavored deodorant, but at will it is not forbidden. If after the working day wet circles on clothes in armpits are all the same observed, then repeat the procedure once again in the same sequence. The effect of deodorant of dry dry remains for week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team