How to use essential oils as cosmetic

How to use essential oils as cosmetic

oils are capable not only to fill the room with great aroma, but also to help with the solution of some skin problems. And for this purpose it is not obligatory to visit the cosmetologist. Some procedures can be conducted independently.

Essential oils were applied as cosmetics one hundred years ago. Their efficiency is explained by three-dimensional influence: at the cellular, mental and endocrine levels. The important advantage of oils – they do not cause accustoming. When using essential oils test them regarding allergy. It is also important to follow the rule: never to apply them to skin in pure form. Concentration of substances is so high that can cause burn or irritation. Most often oils add to creams or masks, mix with clay or vegetable oils.

Face oils

The most popular essential oil is tea tree oil. It perfectly copes with spots and rashes on skin. Has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. It is one of the few oils which can be used in pure form, pointwise applying on the problem place.

Camphoric oil is applied to clarification of pigmental spots, freckles, hems. Promotes growth of eyelashes. At addition in clay masks camphoric oil well copes with greasy luster on skin. Rose attar can be added to face cream and for eyes. It will smooth wrinkles on skin, will increase elasticity of skin and will make the person tightened. Oils and rosemary are capable to save patchouli from pigmental spots after pimples and to narrow pores. They can be added to face packs safely. Having steamed out face over boiled water with addition of couple of drops of oil of eucalyptus, you can not only open time, but also clean them.

Body oils

Oil of lemon, orange and grapefruit can be added to anti-cellulite cream for increase in their efficiency, to body scrubs. They increase elasticity of skin and help with fight against orange-peel. Clove oil promotes fast healing of wounds and grazes. The bergamot oil applied to skin by foot will help to get rid of plentiful perspiration and will leave pleasant aroma. Oil of lavender and geranium can be added to hand cream, they will prolong youth to skin and will save it from dryness.


Adding oil to cream or mask, adhere to proportion: 2-3 drops of oil on one tablespoon of means. This dosage belongs also to srubs, wrappings for body. For massage or body care mix 7-10 drops of essential oil and two tablespoons vegetable (olive, sesame, etc.) oils.

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