How to use filler of wrinkles

How to use filler of wrinkles

of wrinkles are the cosmetics which are visually concealing signs of aging. Distinguish the fillers intended for professional application and creams-fillers. Creams-fillers – alternative to beauty pricks. By means of these creams it is possible in house conditions to achieve short-term anti-aging effect.

It is required to you

  • - filler of wrinkles;
  • - the cleaned face skin;
  • - own fingers.


  1. Pay attention to range of the cream. Even if you have lost the instruction, to guess for what zones the cosmetic product, simply is intended. For this purpose it is enough to look at tube form only. If means is in narrow tube with the extended nose, so it possesses local action. Cream of the general action, most likely, will be put into jar or volume tube with wide nose.
  2. Purify skin by means of the cleaning means, moisten it with tonic and apply day cream. Cream-filler is applied between day and foundation. In spite of the fact that fillers are associated with anti-age cosmetics, it is necessary to understand accurately that these creams do not look after skin, and render only cosmetic effect. Nutrients are added to some products, but such additives are not obligatory and are positioned as additional bonus.
  3. Apply cream-filler or on local area, or on all person. Mixing of filler of wrinkles of the general action with foundation is allowed. Cream-filler of local action is applied precisely on that area which needs correction: on corners of eyes or lips, mimic wrinkles.
  4. Apply foundation and other decorative cosmetics. Cream-filler takes the intermediate place between cosmetics intended for leaving and decorative means. It keeps on skin only until removal of decorative cosmetics.
  5. Using filler of wrinkles regularly, you will see that means brings benefit to your skin. The fact is that producers complement fillers of wrinkles with the useful substances which are slowing down aging process. For that time while cream is on skin, he manages to saturate it with vitamins and nutritious elements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team