How to use hair powder

How to use hair powder

for volume became one of sensational inventions for hair care. This novelty allows to do hair of magnificent in a few minutes, having simulated laying voluntarily. At the same time powder does not create effect of weighting, hair look most naturally.

Hair powder – cosmetic product which does not affect color of curls, but there are also novelties with the matting effect. Means for laying is suitable for hair of any type, to use powder incredibly easy to use and simply. It does not stick together hair, and one packing is enough for long term. By means of powder it is possible to create both daily, and festive laying.

The modeling hair powder – application secrets

Powder for styling optimum is suitable for owners of fine hair. It allows to achieve volume from roots, in house conditions of all to make laying with powder on short hair or hair of average length easier. The matting and usual powder does not make heavier hair, it is easy for hairstyle to return desirable form hands. It is possible to stack both smooth, and curly hair with powder use.

The modeling powder not only fixes hairstyle, but also visually does hair by more dense. It removes greasy luster a little therefore it is possible not to wash the head before laying. The styling means can be used for creation of color accents of hairstyle, hair will manage to create volume for several seconds. To make laying, it is necessary to fill a little powder on palm and to distribute it on radical zone. It is necessary to model hairstyle only on dry hair, it is possible to give it certain form fingers or by means of hairbrush – round brush or simple crest. Directly powder is not recommended to be applied to head skin, it is necessary to take a little structure not to go too far.

The clarifying and color hair powder

For experiments with hair it is possible to choose the clarifying or color powder. Color powder is traditionally used for allocation of separate locks. For this purpose after laying creation certain locks paint friable powder. It is possible to choose several shades at once and to apply them on separate curls or to make the original drawing. Color means allow to give instantly to curls other shade, they are quickly washed away and practically do not harm hair. Unlike color, it is better to use the clarifying powders in salon. The decolouring means can make hair 6 tones lighter, for this purpose the structure is mixed with oxidizer in proportion 1 to 2. Weight is applied on hair approximately for half an hour then it is washed away. The novelty is suitable for performance of highlighting or blondirovaniye.

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