How to use hair preparations in ampoules

How to use hair preparations in ampoules

Hair preparations in ampoules are very effective. At the same time it is very important to apply them correctly. Otherwise, they can bring not benefit, but harm.

It is required to you

  • Hair preparation in ampoules, olive and castoric oils, shampoo.


  1. Hair preparations in ampoules contain vitamins, amino acids, mineral components and other valuable substances in high concentrations. Remember that they cannot be applied on hair and head skin in pure form. It can only worsen their state as the surplus of highly active components is also harmful, as well as their shortcoming.
  2. Remember that one ampoule is designed, as a rule, for one application. If you have very long hair, you can use dvoynuyudoza for once. Having opened ampoule, you do not store it. After opening of tight packing its contents gradually lose the activity.
  3. Hair care with application of ampoules has to be course. As a rule, packing of this product is designed for one course. If you use 2 ampoules for one session of leaving, get 2 packs at once and use them up to the end. Frequency of application of medical and cosmetic product - once a week. If hair need to be put quickly in order, to give them smoothness and healthy look, it is possible to use this means every other day. In week it will be possible to switch over to the standard recommended mode.
  4. To prepare mix for hair care, place in ceramic bowl 2 tablespoons olive and 2 tablespoons burdock oils. Open ampoule and pour out its contents in the same ware then carefully mix mix. You can use also any other types of oils and also cosmetic masks of industrial production. At the same time it is important that they had fat texture.
  5. For strengthening of efficiency of nutritious mask you can warm up slightly it on water bath. Do not overheat mix as it can lead to disintegration of some active agents which are its part. The mask has to be slightly warm, but is not hotter.
  6. Apply nutritious mix on hair, paying special attention to their roots and head skin. Some experts advise at first to rub it in skin, and then to distribute the mask remains on all length of hair.
  7. Wrap the head plastic bag and then wrap up it with warm terry towel. In 2 hours wash away mask by means of warm water and shampoo. Comb hair when they a little dry up.

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