How to use henna

How to use henna

Henna is among eco-friendly dyes. It can be applied on hair and even on body. Thanks to natural origin and lack of chemical additives, henna makes medical impact.

It is required to you

  • – henna powder;
  • – plastic bowl;
  • – brush or brush for coloring of hair;
  • – thin hairbrush;
  • – towel;
  • – gloves;
  • – fresh juice of two lemons;
  • – sugar;
  • – essential oil of lavender, eucalyptus or sandal-wood tree;
  • – almond or sesame oil;
  • – syringe or small bottle with narrow nose.


  1. In comparison with the professional chemical paints containing ammonia and other hazardous substances, henna has several advantages. First, it does not destroy natural pigment of hair. Secondly, essential oils as a part of henna contain useful nutrients. Thirdly, the received result keeps much longer. Henna does not burn out in the sun and does not grow dull from sea water. At last, it is so safe that it can be used even during pregnancy.
  2. It is possible to dye hair henna independently in house conditions. The only condition – hair should not contain traces of chemical paints. Otherwise instead of beautiful red shade you risk to receive green. Prepare all necessary for the procedure of coloring: plastic pan, brush or brush, thin hairbrush, unnecessary towel and gloves. Spots after henna practically do not wash off from fabric and are hard removed from skin therefore it is better to use clothes and towel old, and along the line of growth of hair it is necessary to apply fat cream.
  3. Wash up hair and slightly dry them, having left damp. In bowl dissolve henna powder, using hot water of 90 wasps. Short thick hair will require one bag of 25 g. Stir dye to condition of dense sour cream and let's it infuse within 5 minutes. Cover shoulders with towel, put on gloves and arm with hairbrush and brush.
  4. It is necessary to dye hair at fast speed, without having allowed henna to cool down. Since nape, move to the top of the head, dividing hair into locks 1.5 cm thick and carefully painting over them. In the last turn process hair at forehead, temples and ears. After painting put on plastic bag the head and reel up towel. If your purpose – improvement of hair, it is necessary to hold paint minutes 5-10. Obtaining saturated color will require 40 minutes for fair hair and about an hour – for dark. After time wash hair with warm water with conditioner.
  5. Adding various additives to henna, it is possible to achieve not only fiery red color. For example, leaves of walnut will give to hair chocolate shade, cocoa – mahogany, rhubarb – golden-yellow, and by means of beet juice it is possible to achieve eggplant shade.
  6. Henna can be applied not only as hair-dye, but also to creation of temporary tattoos of mehendi. To prepare paste for drawing, a day before the planned procedure mix 20 g of henna and 1/4 glasses of juice of lemon in bowl. Wrap the received mix in package and remove to the warm place for 12 hours. The next morning add to mix on teaspoon of sugar and essential oil of sandal-wood tree, lavender or eucalyptus. Slowly pouring in lemon juice, bring paint to consistence of dense sour cream. Put it to the warm place for 12 hours.
  7. For convenience draw the drawing with cosmetic pencil and then circle it with henna. It is convenient to do tattoo to syringes without needle or plastic small bottle with narrow nose. Place inside the painting paste and slowly squeeze out it, without concerning the skin applicator. Let's the drawing dry up at least an hour, and ideally 6-8 hours. Then scrape off paint blunt object or nail and wipe with the cotton pad moistened in lemon juice. Moisturize the skin almond or sesame oil. It is possible to wash the site with tattoo not earlier, than in 4 hours.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team