How to use hot wax

How to use hot wax

Wax for depilation represents mix of titanium dioxide, various oils and natural pitches, he allows to depilate qualitatively undesirable with root. The procedure of removal of hair hot wax is less painful, than epilation warm wax therefore it is applied to epilation of the most sensitive zones - areas of bikini, face, armpits.


1. Unlike warm wax, hot apply directly to skin, that is do not use depilatory strips. After it stiffens, it can be broken hand, having just taken by the edge. Operating temperature of hot wax about 60 wasps, skin under it steams out, time reveals, and the procedure of epilation is painless practically.

2. Before the procedure, wax needs to be warmed, metal ware which you can or buy together with wax is for this purpose necessary, or allocate from kitchen utensils. You remember - very difficult to wash wax, and ware in which you will heat it it will be impossible to use for something another more. If you already have metal ware, you do not have sense to buy wax in banks, it is better to get granules or briquettes, it will allow to save significantly. Wax can be warmed on usual plate with use of water bath, but it is much more convenient to do it in special voskoplav, with it the procedure of epilation considerably becomes simpler. However, it costs rather much therefore it should be bought by that who has resolved to use hot wax for the rest of the life.

3. Before epilation hot wax be convinced that the deleted hairs more than 3 mm long, hairs of smaller length wax will not take. Before putting wax it is desirable to process leather talc or children's powder, it becomes in order that wax is weaker than bores to skin, so injured it less. In advance prepare some oil, with its help you easily remove residues of wax from skin.

4. During melting check wax temperature all the time, it is necessary to try not to overheat it, check can be carried out on wrist. After wax is brought to the necessary state, apply it to skin thin layer in 0.5 - 1 mm and smooth towards growth of hair. Within minute, wax will stiffen. Now hook edge of army from bottom side, pull skin towards growth of hair and sharply pull for the edge of wax against their growth. It is necessary to pull wax not perpendicular to skin, and along it. It is better to make epilation on small sites, about 1.5 by 1.5 centimeters, it will significantly reduce pain level, though will increase procedure time. After end of epilation surely apply the calming cream to skin.

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