How to use oil of grape seeds

How to use oil of grape seeds

Oil of grape seeds is produced by cold pressing. It contains set of useful components - vitamins A, In, With, E and PP, protein, micro and macrocells. Grapes oil – powerful antioxidant which effectively struggles with free radicals – enemies of beauty and health of body. Grape seeds oil is suitable for any type of skin. It for 70% consists of irreplaceable fatty acids which are easily absorbed and acquired.

It is required to you

  • - grape seeds oil;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - soft fabric;
  • - film for wrappings;
  • - other vegetable oils;
  • - honey;
  • - cream.


  1. Use grape seed oil for clarification of the person. Apply 4-6 drops of oil on the cotton pad moistened in warm water and wrung out and wipe skin.
  2. Make face pack. Take grape seeds oil and almond oil in equal proportions, moisten napkin in this mix and put it on the person for 15-25 minutes. Later wipe face with the cotton pad moistened with warm water.
  3. For strengthening of hair rub in head skin grape seeds oil for half an hour before washing. It moisturizes head skin and does hairs shiny and silky.
  4. Prepare means for hand and nails care. Mix tablespoon of grape oil with tablespoon of honey and glass of cream. Heat the received weight on water bath and take in it hands of 10-15 minutes.
  5. Do the foot baths helping from the increased perspiration. You need one tablespoon of oil on water liter.
  6. Take aromatic bath. Mix one tablespoon of oil from grape seeds with three tablespoons of honey. Add mix to water. Take bath of 15-20 minutes. Do not use soap, gels, etc. After bathtub stay half an hour in the weakened situation (lying or reclining).
  7. Get rid of cellulitis by means of wrappings. Evenly apply grape oil on problem parts of the body, pound a little and cover with film. Over film put warm fabric and be covered with blanket for strengthening of the warming effect. Procedure duration – 30 minutes. Residues of oil should be erased from skin soft damp material.
  8. Make the revitalizing massage, using grape seeds oil in pure form, in combination with the same amount of any other stone oil (peach, apricot, cherry, almonds) or with oils jojoba and avocado. Pound mix in hands and you apply with slight circular motions to skin before full absorption.

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