How to use pharmaceutical means for appearance

How to use pharmaceutical means for appearance

-quality personal care can be inexpensive and be carried out in house conditions. In question of beauty it is only important to know some secrets and not to be lazy regularly to look after itself. Many pharmaceutical means can easily replace expensive saloon procedures, bringing benefit maximum.


  1. Calcium chloride can be used as peeling of saloon level. First of all the test for allergic reaction is obligatory. At the beginning of holding procedure it is necessary to clean face carefully. Then to moisten cotton pad with contents of two ampoules and to process it leather, avoiding eye area and lips. To wait for drying. To soap cotton sponge children's soap without any additives and to put with accurate circular motions, forming pellets. To repeat done two more times. To do repeated peeling not earlier than in three months.
  2. Zinc oxide ointment will help to dry rashes and to remove inflammation. It is necessary to apply pointwise it on pimple, leaving minimum for 20 minutes.
  3. B1 and B6 vitamins will enrich any shampoo and balm. It is necessary to add to portion of shampoo one capsule two times a week, I alternate vitamins. Practically at once the effect - moisture content, elasticity and healthy hair shine will become visible.
  4. Activated carbon can be used for careful bleaching of teeth. To apply the crushed tablet on toothbrush and easy movements to clean teeth within one minute.
  5. The camomile has application many options. One of very effective recipes - body oil which surprisingly changes skin. It is necessary to place 4 spoons of dry flowers of camomile in glass small bottle and to fill in with 300 grams of olive oil. To insist in the dark place within three weeks. To massage with this oil problem zones before each acceptance of shower.
  6. Leaves of nettle will help out owners of the hair inclined to fat content. Regular rinsing by broth of leaves of nettle will help to forget about salinity of hair and too frequent washing of the head.
  7. Nicotinic acid considerably accelerates growth of hair. It is necessary to open ampoule and to apply its contents on clean moist hair, distributing on head skin. Not to wash away before the next washing. On hair medicine is not visible. One ampoule on one procedure within thirty days is used. The test for allergic reaction is previously obligatory.
  8. Licorice root infusion. To get rid of pigmental spots, it is necessary to mix tablespoon of infusion and 150 ml of mineral water. To wipe face with the received tonic every evening.
  9. Burdock oil with pepper is used for fight against hair loss and stimulation of their growth. It is regularly necessary to rub oil in roots of hair quiet massage movements. Water with addition of lemon juice will facilitate rinsing.
  10. Aspirin will help to get rid of irritation after shaving and epilation. It is necessary to crush two tablets of aspirin and to dissolve them in one tablespoon of glycerin. To process leather this structure right after shaving.
  11. Vaseline can be basis of excellent srub for lips. It is necessary to mix vaseline, salt and sugar in equal parts and to mass lips this mix within minute by means of soft toothbrush. After such procedure it is possible not to worry whether lipstick will ideally be applied.
  12. The vitamin medicine Ayevit is recommended to be applied in pure form to face skin and to hold within forty minutes. The procedure is carried out in the evening, three times a week. In such a way it is possible to get rid of acne, to smooth wrinkles, to make skin well-groomed and shining.
  13. The mummy is the excellent assistant in fight against extensions. For preparation of massage cream it is necessary to dissolve two tablets of mummy in tablespoon of warm water with twenty grams of children's cream and vitamins A and E. Nastaivat within twenty minutes. To daily massage the received cream problem zones. To store in the fridge no more than two weeks.
  14. Castor oil helps to grow eyebrow and to strengthen eyelashes. It is necessary to apply daily oil on these zones, to do light massage of eyebrows.
  15. Glycerin is the universal moisturizing remedy suitable all-type skin. To make heels and feet ideal, mix one part of glycerin with two parts of vaseline. Apply the received ointment on feet, wrap them food wrap, put on cotton socks and leave on all night long.

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