How to use testers in shop

of store testers - fine opportunity to get acquainted attentively with product before purchase. You can estimate aroma, texture and degree of absorbency of cream, to try make-up novelties, to feel spirits or toilet water for firmness. The correct use of testers will help you to save money and to choose cosmetics which really will suit you.

According to selling assistants in shop testers of decorative cosmetics enjoy special popularity. It is the simplest to choose products on brands. At branded stands expose both the constant, and limited and seasonal collections.

Correctly to estimate color and texture of means, it is enough to try product finger. Carry out on shadows, powder or blush - you will understand, the covering is how dense whether is in spangle product.

Decorative cosmetics can be tested and directly on face. Take from the house brush for powder, applicators or brushes for eyeliner. Also Q-tips will approach - with their help you will be able to put shadows, lipstick or eyeliner. Go outside and look how the product looks at natural lighting - fluorescent lamps quite often distort colors.

It is the safest to use the new, just exposed testers - usually they occur among seasonal collections.

Do not hesitate to try the exposed cosmetics. However use it accurately - close tubes with lipstick and bottles with varnish, do not confuse testers, do not take means more, than it is necessary for you.

To buy aroma at random - occupation very risky. Surely try perfume which you are going to buy. For primary testing it is enough to put to a little fragrant liquid on blotter - paper strip. Choose couple of options which especially were pleasant to you. Then apply spirits to skin. It is desirable that on it there were no traces of other aromas which can distort perception. You do not hurry to buy the pleasant perfume. Leave shop and you carry aroma several hours. You will hear heart note and loop, will understand, the chosen perfume is how resistant. If spirits or toilet water are still pleasant to you, safely buy - most likely, this product will not disappoint you.

Consider that various concentration of the same aroma can differ on smell. If you need perfumery water, test it, but not toilet water.

The most difficult object for testing - cosmetics on skin care. Not on all means there are testers, besides they are updated not often. As a result you will not always be able precisely to estimate aroma and texture of cream, lotion or tonic. If there is no necessary product in free access, address selling assistants. Perhaps, they will offer you the factory samplers intended for free distribution. Try to estimate texture of means. Apply face or body cream on hands - you will understand how quickly it is absorbed whether leaves film or feeling of stickiness. Some shops offer mini-portions on test - they can be got for the small sum or to receive free of charge. By agreement with the consultant you can lay a little cream or gel from bottle tester in the clean jar brought with itself and then to try means of the house.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team