How to use the machine for pedicure

How to use the machine for pedicure

Very often the quality of pedicure depends on the applied means and machines. Act as tools: nail files of different function, scissors of the various sizes and forms, pumice, tweezers, nippers and the machine for pedicure which choice is not so simple today.

1. Foot conditionally is divided into two areas. On softer site of outer side of feet it is better not to use the machine, and here the place with rough skin (heel, internal part and external corner of thumb) will just be suitable for machining. It should be noted that there are several rules of use of the machine for pedicure.

2. For a start take the device in hand so that it was convenient to you, and the handle of the tool did not slide. All fingers have to clasp the machine, and here big remain free - he will act as pressure degree regulator and also to set the direction of the movement.

3. Apply machine edges to the processed site of foot and begin movements on the direction from top to down. The tool has to be perpendicular in relation to the surface of skin. You should not press too strongly, apply easy and moderate movements.

4. Starting cleaning of heels, choose rough sites of skin at the edges. Do not begin to act with edge from the center of heel at all. If you were accepted to toes, then remember that most often callosities are formed on little fingers or on external corners of thumbs therefore accurately you carry out by edge along these places. It is not necessary to go deep as you can damage and cut skin. Thus, delete with edge only the acting part of callosity.

5. Often cracks which complications give afterwards are standing formed. They appear from behind dryness of skin and inadequate leg care. It is worth remembering that wounds the machine for pedicure can be touched only superficially not to do much harm to term. At the same time it is important to apply septic tanks.

6. After all areas of foot are processed by the machine, it is desirable to complete process by means of grinding shovel which will help to remove dead skin cells finally.

7. When choosing the machine for pedicure pay attention to edge - it should not be stupid. Quite often producers save on components therefore it makes sense of edge to select separately. They are two types: disposable and reusable.

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