How to use the roller for hair

How to use the roller for hair

If your hair not too dense and not really long, try to do hair of more volume with use of special rollers. By means of these simple devices it is possible to carry out rather difficult hairstyles which can change your shape in only a few minutes.

It is required to you

  • - ready roller for hair;
  • - natural or artificial hair;
  • - socks or golfs;
  • - hair-net;
  • - hairpins;
  • - scrunchies.


  1. Buy the roller for hair. It can be found in one of shops where goods for hairdressers are on sale. If you did not manage to find this adaptation, do not despair. It is possible to make the roller independently of improvised materials.
  2. Having conceived to manufacture the roller for hair by own efforts, choose the design which is the most suitable for you. The roller can have the flat form. It is usually just enclosed under hairstyle and masked natural hair. Such roller similar to small pillow is very convenient in work and is easy. It is possible to make the roller in the form of ring. It is applied most often in different combinations to tails and tails of different length.
  3. To manufacture the roller of flat form, take bunch of natural or artificial hair, connect them by means of usual elastic band and comb. Create similarity of small pillow which then should be placed in reticulum for hair from the turned-out weight, having strengthened and having sewn up entrance opening at grid. Such roller is usually used for forming of hairstyle in especially solemn occasions.
  4. For production of the roller in the form of ring take two terry sock or golf and cut off at everyone manual part. Turn out the product rest, having created from it similarity of bagel. Now insert the curtailed preparation in other sock or golf, continuing to turn out future roller. At the same time diameter of bagel will increase, and the opening in it will become less.
  5. Do romantic and beautiful hair, using, for example, the roller in the form of ring. At first comb hair, having tried to give them volume. Now tie elastic band tail. Put on the roller ring tail. Put on the second elastic band over the roller and the hair.
  6. Straighten all locks so that the roller was not visible. Distribute free hair which are not involved in hairstyle on the parties, having braided each part in separate braid. Now wrap braids around the turned-out node and attach them hairpins. Record the turned-out hairstyle hairspray.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team