How to use vitamin C in ampoules for home care

How to use vitamin C in ampoules for home care

Vitamin C in ampoules perfectly is suitable for home care of skin, hair. In order that this medicine has brought only benefit, it needs to be used correctly.

Vitamin C as component of cosmetic creams and masks

Vitamin C is very extensively used in cosmetology. Modern producers add it in face cream and also shampoos balms, masks for hair. Experts assure that addition of this component in cosmetic products of industrial production can be regarded as certain advertizing course.

Vitamin C is rather unstable as it has property to break up at long contact with air. At its contact with metal surfaces, vitamin collapses completely. In order that this substance really worked, it is necessary to add it to cosmetics before its use.

Many beauty shops offer the patients such procedure as vitamin C solution injection. Getting into deep layers terms, vitamin strengthens it, gives elasticity. The ampoule allows to solve many problems connected with skin and hair with water solution of vitamin. Most often cosmetologists offer patients the combined ampoules which part not only vitamin C, but also vitamins B, F and some other is. Cosmetic procedures with use of medicines with the high content of vitamin C allow to improve complexion, to liquidate stress consequences. Vitamin C helps to strengthen blood supply of head skin that in turn promotes acceleration of their growth, giving to hair of force and gloss.

How to apply vitamin C in ampoules

Buying vitamin C in ampoules, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to add it to cosmetics only before drawing them on the person, body, hair. In advance it is impossible to add medicine to creams and masks. Vitamins B ampoules cannot be used in pure form as it can cause the severe allergy.

When developing allergy to cosmetics with addition of vitamin C it is necessary to refuse immediately its use and if necessary to see doctor.

When using ampoules for face skin care it is necessary to separate portion of the cream intended for single use from its main weight and to add to it 3-4 drops of solution of water vitamin C. After hashing of components it is necessary to put cream on face. Solution can also be added and to house face packs. In favourite nutritious structure it is necessary to drop only 3-4 drops of vitamin medicine then carefully to move components and to put mask on face.

It is possible to mix components in ceramic, glass, but not in iron ware in any way. When mixing ingredients it is necessary to use wooden spoons and shovels.

Vitamin C can be used for treatment of hair. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare nutritious structure and to add to it 4-5 drops of water solution of vitamin then to apply mask on hair for 30-40 minutes. To add contents of ampoules to hair shampoos or means for washing there is no sense as in this case the product will adjoin to skin and hair very not for long owing to what the effect of vitamin B addition cosmetic products will be insignificant.

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