How to use waterproof cosmetics

How to use waterproof cosmetics

cosmetics is capable to help out you in special cases. But  you should not abuse such cosmetics after all. But if at you this is necessary special case and not to do without waterproof cosmetics, let's understand as  it is correct to put and wash away it.

How to put

Foundation. Waterproof foundation needs to be applied thin layer and it is obligatory to clean dry skin. Refuse habitual cream and the more so bases under make-up, otherwise you will destroy firmness of your foundation.

Lipstick. Do not powder lip at all before making up them, otherwise lipstick will look as plaster coat. It is the best of all to apply waterproof lipstick with brush. Do not pound this lipstick lips as you do from usual, otherwise she will lay down lumps.

Ink, shadows, eyeliner. Are put as usual, but it is very accurate because to wash away the incorrect line or spots from ink quite difficult.

How to wash away

Use the special skins or tonics intended for removal of waterproof make-up. They, as a rule, contain alcohol therefore after clarification surely grease skin with fat cream even if usually use moistening. If you do not want to use means for removal of waterproof make-up, there is alternative — usual fat cream or baby oil for body. Put means on face, wait two minutes, and then remove by means of cotton pads. Later wipe skin with tonic without alcohol and apply the soft moisturizing cream.

Be careful

Remember that any waterproof cosmetics contains wax, so, skin under it ceases to breathe for a while. Therefore use such cosmetics only in urgent cases and short time. Besides waterproof cosmetics strongly dries skin therefore it is better for owners of dry skin to refuse such cosmetics. Also it strongly allergen. For a start it is necessary to make the test for allergy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team