How to visit sunbed

How to visit sunbed

suntanned skin looks attractively and is fresh. For obtaining effective suntan it is not necessary to go to tropical countries in the winter – available means always near at hand. That sessions were safe and effective, it is necessary to know the basic rules of visit of sunbed.


  1. Your skin has to be clean and healthy. Availability of allergic manifestations, irritations and inflammations of any nature is contraindication for visit of sunbed. During treatment refrain from sessions – some medicines can provoke unexpected results and complications.
  2. Purify skin. It is necessary to visit sunbed hour later or two after acceptance bathtubs or soul. Wash liquid means with the sparing effect not to overdry skin. Remove make-up, do not use spirits, decorative and protective cosmetics – on your skin there can be spots and inflammations.
  3. Protect hair and eyes. Close hair special hat, kerchief or bandage, put on dark sunglasses. If you carry lenses, then remove them.
  4. Use means for sunbed. Put special gel or milk on face and body (usual suntan preparations do not approach). Grease lips with fat nutritious cream or special balm to protect them from drying.
  5. Protect breast. Put on bra, it is desirable from natural fabrics. If you want to have equal suntan, then use the special slips protecting nipples or just cover breast with palms.
  6. Define the mode of visits. Having been going to visit sunbed, surely consult with the doctor about availability of contraindications. Together with the staff of beauty shop determine duration and frequency of sessions, considering type of skin and result which you want to achieve.
  7. Finish session correctly. After completion of session drink tonic tea or fresh juice. Take shower hour later after sunbed and apply the nutritious and moisturizing cream on body. Have a rest and be not overloaded during couple of hours after visit of sunbed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team