How to wash away burdock oil from hair

How to wash away burdock oil from hair

Masks from burdock oil perfectly restore and strengthen both hair, and head skin. Therefore they are more and more popular recently. Burdock oil is cheap, eco-friendly product, it is easy for them to use in house conditions. However many have problems to wash away this useful mask from hair, complaining that they even after several washings of lock remain fat.

It is required to you

  • - yolk;
  • - shampoo;
  • - lemon;
  • - vinegar.


  1. Before learning it is correct to wash away burdock oil, it is important to understand how not to go too far about its quantity. Usually for hair of average density and length slightly below shoulders there is enough tea spoon. Do not pour it on the head, and rub finger-tips, dividing into locks, in roots of hair, and only then distributing at all length. Usually if to take oils it is a little, then problems with washing almost do not arise.
  2. Also oil is easier washed away if to keep it several hours on the hair which are wrapped up with towel. During this time (at least two hours) oil will be absorbed in head skin and hair and will be washed away without problems.
  3. To wash away burdock oil, wash the head at first yolk. Break egg, separate from protein, to invention shake up that it was uniform. Apply on the head and, gently massing, rub in hair. Then well wash out in large amount of water. After oil and yolk are washed away, can use the usual shampoo, but it is possible it and not to do, the yolk long since was the excellent detergent adding gloss to head of hear.
  4. It is possible to wash away burdock oil and professional or even usual shampoo. Only it is necessary to apply it on dry hair! You do not wet the head before applying shampoo, rub it in hair, and then wash away. When you feel that curls are already free from oil, can wash out once again them with shampoo, and then apply balm.
  5. It is possible to wash away burdock oil if to wash them within several minutes – from five to fifteen, depending on density of hair and quantity of the put means. After that rinse the head cold water (it is possible with the squeezed-out juice of one lemon) and just wash up usual shampoo.
  6. One more way is to wash away oil cool water with vinegar. Take usual vinegar from calculation one tablespoon on water liter. After that you can use favourite shampoo. This way is not really good if you are going to go somewhere at once as the smell of vinegar remains long enough even after washing by shampoo.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team