How to wash away castor oil from hair

How to wash away castor oil from hair

In the conditions of megalopolises and adverse ecology our hair demand additional leaving. Many nutritious and strengthening masks are created on the basis of castor oil. Its application well influences condition of hair, but to wash away it rather difficult. However there are several checked ways.


  1. Castor oil is useful high content of fatty acids. Covering hair bulb, oil feeds and strengthens hair on all length. Along with indisputable medicinal properties, castor oil has two minuses – it is hard washed away and has tart smell. For washing off of castor oil or mask on its basis it is not enough to wash up the head once. Only at units of people such procedure takes place as usual washing of the head. In most cases it is necessary to wash away at first oil hot water, and then two times to wash up hair with shampoo. And, the feeling of fat raid can remain.
  2. That the mask was easier to be washed away, add couple of ingredients to castor oil. Mix 2 tablespoons of oil and on the 1st tablespoon of lemon juice and vodka. Mix. Apply mix on hair, after 30 minutes wash away. At the same time you will notice that oil is without effort washed away and does not leave greasy luster. Also use hair balm or the conditioner, they will promote the best combing of hair.
  3. One more way. After mask on the basis of castor oil soap hair usual laundry soap, and then wash away hot water. After carefully wash up the head shampoo. In such a way you will get rid also of fat raid, and of unpleasant smell of castor oil.
  4. Castor oil is perfectly washed away by burdock shampoo. When you do mask for the night, such way quite will approach. Next morning it is possible to wash up the head favourite fragrant shampoo. You will not feel traces of fat and smell of castor oil on hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team