How to wash away red paint

How to wash away red paint

Red dye - one of the most resistant and hardly removed. And there is this solar color not all. Here it is also necessary to remove to the women and girls who have put unsuccessful experiment with the hair red paint. Not to spoil the curls finally, it is necessary to know how to do it it is correct.


  1. To wash away red paint, get in professional shops means for the decapage or the system of correction (removal) of color. These are products in the structure are very similar to means for decolorization of hair. Get remover for paint only of that firm whose dye you kolorirovat hair. Otherwise you not only will not wash away unnecessary tone, but also have chance to become absolutely unexpected color.
  2. Very often funds for washing of paint from hair, as well as paint, consists of several tubes with various structure. Before application read the instruction and get acquainted with how it is correct to mix these ingredients.
  3. Before the procedure surely put on rubber gloves hands. Most likely, you will find them complete with means for the decapage.
  4. Merge together structures from tubes and several times stir up capacity for the best mixing.
  5. Apply the turned-out mix on dry hair. Better before the procedure 2-3 days not to wash the head. So the smallest damage will be caused to your curls.
  6. Put on the head polyethylene hat for creation of thermal effect.
  7. Mix is held on hair of 20-40 minutes, depending on structure of remover. The exact time is specified in the instruction for application which it will be obligatory in box.
  8. When the allowed time ends, wash the head shampoo. It is better to use special means for use after the decapage. If necessary you have not found - buy means for dry hair. It will well wash away structure from hair, will humidify and will strengthen the injured curls.
  9. After that surely use the conditioner or colored hair conditioner. And it is even better - put nutritious mask.
  10. There are also folk remedies for washing off of red paint. But they help not always. Harm any, of course, will not be therefore it is possible to try them at first.
  11. To wash away red paint, apply burdock oil on hair. It is necessary to keep it 5-6 hours. Perhaps, the unnecessary color will not be washed away absolutely, but your curls will receive excellent vitamin feed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team